Instantly create and place orders. The POST API supports stocked SKUs as well as licensing and warranties SKUs.


Every order to be created with this API must pass these validations to be placed and processed:

  • SKU, shipping address, product authorization and stock allocations must clear system validation.
  • Ingram Micro sales system validates pricing, stock or other processing parameters. Ingram Micro sales department may place an order on hold if revisions are necessary.
  • Credit validation confirms available credit prior to processing an order. If an order does not clear credit validation, the Ingram Micro sales rep or accounts receivable manager will contact you for next steps.
  • Warehouse system validation selects the location closest to the destination zip code. If the stock is not available in any of the warehouses, Ingram Micro places a backorder in the warehouse closest to the destination zip code.

Ingram Micro recommends that you provide the ingramPartNumber for each SKU contained in each order.


When trying to use vendorPartNumber to place an order, please use the Product Search endpoint to find the ingramPartNumber for a specific vendorPartNumber, and then supply the ingramPartNumber to place an order.


NOTE: You must have net terms to use the Ingram Micro Order Create API. Ingram Micro offers trade credit when using our APIs, and repayment is based on net terms. For example, if your net terms agreement is net-30, you will have 30 days to make a full payment. Ingram Micro does not allow credit card transactions for API ordering at this time.


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Click Here to download Order Create API documentation.