Search your Ingram Micro orders. This endpoint searches by multiple order parameters and supports pagination of results. Search using one or more of the parameters below:

  • ingramOrderNumber — Ingram Micro sales order number
  • customerOrderNumber — The PO or order number provided by you when creating an order
  • orderStatus — User order status codes for the search, default is set to "any"
  • ingramOrderDate-bt — Ingram Order Date, or create date range (ingramOrderDate-bt=start_dt&ingramOrderDate-bt=end_dt) default is 20 days if no other query parameter is passed.

For pagination, please use these parameters:

  • pagesize — Default 25, max 100
  • pagenumber — Default 1

Order Status Values:


The search endpoint also returns HATEOAS links for order details and invoice details, if applicable.


Host Production URL:


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