1. The Ingram Micro Product Catalog v6 API endpoints enable users to:

  • Search products by SKU or additional criteria.
  • Find price and availability for up to 50 SKUs at one time.
  • View inventory by location in the product catalog.

2. Search the Ingram Micro product catalog using the various keywords provided below:

  • vendorNumber
  • Keyword (keyword=”TV” or keyword:en = “LED TV“ or keyword:en = “50 + LED + TV“)
  • Language (Accept-Language ex: en, fr, etc in header to return results in another language)
  • Category Filter (/resellers/v6/catalog?category=Accessories) – String
  • Vendor Filter (/resellers/v6/catalog?vendor=Targus&vendor=Uag) – String
  • Product Type Filter (/resellers/v6/catalog?type=any) – Enum {physical, digital, any}
  • Discounts Available (/resellers/v6/catalog?hasdiscounts = true) – Boolean
  • Page Size (/resellers/v6/catalog?pageSize=25) – Default 25, Max 100
  • Pagination (/resellers/v6/catalog?pageNumber=1) – Integer, Default 1

We have below API documentations for products:

Host Production URL: https://api.ingrammicro.com:443/resellers/v6


TIP:  Register to get your API Keys before trying the endpoints below.

For any questions or support related to this API endpoint, please Contact Us.