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Reseller API

Resellers - Empower your eCommerce

Ingram Micro empowers your reseller eCommerce business with the APIs to search our product catalog, view price and availability, and on hand stock inventory by location. In addition, you can place orders, retrieve invoices, and automate order status notifications during each step of order fulfillment. Get started empowering your eCommerce today.

Vendor API

Vendors Increases Your Sales

Ingram Micro empowers vendors with solutions that save costs and increase sales. The Ingram Micro webhook automates creation of new orders, and Ingram Micro APIs provide order confirmation and order status updates. Click to learn more about how you can increasing your sales with Ingram Micro API Solutions.


CLS Partners - Optimize Your Logistics

With CLS Partner APIs we give our partners full control over managing their inventory, logistics and fulfillment process through any of our global network of warehouses. Whether it is receiving inventory into out warehouses or fulfilling orders out of our warehouses, you as a partner have real time control over your products.