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Product Catalog

Use the Product Catalog endpoints for catalog searches and find real-time price and availability information, including available stock for product SKUs and warehouse locations.

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Use the Orders endpoints to create and list orders, and to communicate real-time order status information.

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Use the Quotes endpoints to search for quotes and view quote details for all open quotes.

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Use the Invoices endpoint to search and return invoice information by sales order number or customer purchase order number.

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Quote To Order

Use the Quote to Order endpoint to create an order using the existing quote which is in “Ready to Order” status. A customer can create an order using CTO or a Non-CTO quote.

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Use the Renewals endpoints to search for renewals and view renewals details.

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Use the Deals endpoints to search for deals and view deal details.

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Use the Returns endpoints to search for returns and view return details.

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Freight Estimate

Use the freight estimate endpoint to estimate the freight charges for an order.

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