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Standardized integration endpoints to drive faster and more accurate order and order management processes between Vendors and Ingram Micro as a distributor

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Purchase Order Create Webhook v1

A standardized real-time purchase order http push notification to Vendors via callback URL trigged when a new purchase order is created by Ingram Micro

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Purchase Order Response API v1

Response API called by Vendor to acknowledge a purchase order http push notification was received via the Purchase Order Create Webhook


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Purchase Order Status API v1

The PO Status endpoint combines the order status updates and an advanced shipment notification during the fulfillment process to provide accurate and timely delivery ETAs

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POST: Special Pricing API v1

The special pricing API allows Vendors the ability to submit special pricing or deals on particular products sold by Ingram Micro from the Vendor and ultimately extended to resellers and end users through out various channels.

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POST: Invoice Details API v1

The Invoice Details API gives Vendors the ability to submit electronic invoices directly to Ingram Micro through a standard template. This reduces manual back and forth and decreases processing time.

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