• How do I apply for a developer account?

    Partners/developers can apply for a developer account by filling out an application for API access with their unique Ingram Micro customer number or Partner ID.


    Please pay close attention to the email address that you use to apply. If our team needs additional details about your use case, we will reach out to this email address with questions.

  • Can a developer be on two different developer accounts?

    This is not possible at this time. You must use a different email ID to create a separate account.

  • How much does it cost to access Ingram Micro APIs?

    They’re free! Ingram Micro APIs are provided free of charge with the expectation that they be used only for the purposes of benefiting our partners. Integration fees and yearly maintenance fees are not charged, but Ingram Micro also provides no guarantee that such services will be provided.

  • What happens after I apply?

    Your request will be reviewed and you will be granted access to our sandbox app and its API keys. You can use these keys to start making test calls to our APIs.

  • How many developer accounts can I have?

    Ingram Micro partners can have only one developer account. Vendors and resellers can only have one account respectively.

Using APIs

  • How can I get API Keys or Client Key and Secret key?

    Sign Up for a developer account. Upon approval, you will have access to our sandbox apps and will be able to create a request for a production app, both of which will give you the required API keys.

  • What data format do the APIs accept?

    The Ingram Micro APIs only accept data in JSON format.

  • How long does it take to approve a production app request?

    It may take up to 4 business days to approve a production app request. Please reach out to your Ingram Micro sales/account representative to expedite the process.

  • Why do I need a customer number to register for a developer account?

    Ingram Micro APIs is an integration channel for our partners and can only be used by a registered partner.

  • What is OAuth?

    OAuth is an open authentication protocol that authorizes devices, APIs, servers, and applications with access tokens rather than credentials. For more information, please visit

  • Are there any scheduled maintenance windows/downtimes?

    Yes, there are daily maintenance windows and downtimes in every region. The following schedule reflects downtimes by regional time zones. 

     Region / Time Zone Mon Tue Wed Thr Fri Sat Sun
    North American (GMT-8) 23:00-04:00 23:00-04:00 23:00-04:00 23:00-04:00 23:00-04:00 18:00-05:00 18:00-05:00
    Central America (GMT-7) 00:00-03:00 00:00-03:00 00:00-03:00 00:00-03:00 00:00-03:00 20:00-22:00 00:00-03:00
    South America (GMT-3) 00:00-02:00 00:00-02:00 00:00-02:00 00:00-02:00 00:00-04:00 - 20:00-07:00
    London, UK (GMT) 02:00-06:30 02:00-06:30 02:00-06:30 02:00-06:30 02:00-08:00 21:00-04:00 02:00-04:00
    Central European Standard Time (GMT+1), Spain 01:00-06:00 01:00-06:00 01:00-06:00 01:00-06:00 01:00-07:30 21:00-04:00 02:00-04:00
    Central European Standard Time (GMT+1), France 12:00-05:00 12:00-05:00 12:00-05:00 12:00-05:00 00:00-07:30 20:00-04:00 02:00-04:00
    Central European Standard Time (GMT+1), Germany 11:00-05:00 11:00-05:00 11:00-05:00 11:00-05:00 11:00-07:30 20:00-04:00 02:00-04:00
    Gulf Standard Time (GMT+4) 00:30-04:30 00:30-04:30 00:30-04:30 00:30-04:30 00:30-04:30 00:30-04:30 00:30-03:30
    Asia-Pacific (GMT+8), Singapore 01:00-06:00 01:00-06:00 01:00-06:00 01:00-06:00 01:00-06:00 01:00-06:00 01:00-05:00
  • I’m currently using v4/v5 of your APIs. How do I upgrade to v6?

    To upgrade to v6 of our APIs, go to your Developer Console, and create an app to get an API key for v6 endpoints.

    You can still use v4/v5 endpoints after you get your v6 API key. You can transition to v6 on an endpoint-by-endpoint basis, or you can begin using v6 endpoints exclusively at any point.

    Please note, however, that your v6 API key cannot be used to send requests to v4/v5 endpoints, and vice versa. Also, there are differences between the versions' requests and responses; attempts to upgrade by replacing "v5" with "v6" in your requests will cause your integration to fail.


  • What are webhooks?

    Ingram Micro provides webhooks as outbound notification services. Webhooks provide near real-time updates for order status changes via automated notifications.

  • Why would I want to use webhooks instead of APIs?

    You can use webhooks to push important notification events to your predefined destination URL without having to manually pull information from separate APIs.

  • What notifications do Ingram Micro webhooks support?

    For Resellers, the Order Status Webhook provides these statuses associated with an order:

    • Order placed on hold
    • Order invoiced
    • Order shipped
    • Order voided

    For Vendors, the Purchase Order Webhook notifies you when an order has been created.