• V6 Release of Reseller/Partner APIs - May 2021

    In an effort to further standardize and offer a best-in-class global partner solution of our RESTful APIs we have released a new major version (V6). As we take steps to improve the interface that allows for business processes and system integration with our partners, we look to the latest industry standards and consider feedback from you, our valued partners. Thus, our new V6 APIs will feature compliance with OpenAPI (OAS) standards as well as a camel case naming structure for better human readability of the schema.


    Improving our offering in V6 to fall in line with the latest industry standards speaks to only half of the enhancements we packed into the latest version. The release of V6 Order Management and Product Search also features:


        • Enhanced Order Create functionality such as Ship Complete and additional Backorder designations.

        • A brand-new endpoint to support the ability to modify your Order.

        • More filters throughout, including on Order Search.

        • Wider support of Order Delete functionality in EMEA, APAC and LATAM regions.

        • The ability to handle miscellaneous charges.

        • Streamlined ways to send comments with your Order.

        • And much more!


    We invite you to explore all the new features available through V6 on our Developer Portal. As you consider upgrading to the latest version please note that support and bug fixes for V5 will continue for another 3 years until May of 2024. All feature enhancements will be incorporated in V6 from here on out and V5 will be deprecated after the end of its support in May of 2024.


    Please look for future announcements about upcoming releases of V6 Price and Availability in Catalog Management, Invoice Management APIs, Quote Management APIs, and Configurable Orders.