Ingram Micro provides API solutions that enable vendors to automate the ordering process and order status communication. Make reordering easy, reduce costs, and build confidence in distributors, resellers, and customers. Get started accelerating your business today with these use cases:

  • Create value throughout the supply chain with enriched order status data and integrated purchase order creation, which empowers end customers to reorder more quickly.
  • Easily integrate your ordering system with our Vendor Purchase Order webhook, eliminating manual processing of purchase orders and reducing costs.
  • Replace friction and unnecessary communication with rich order status notifications to build confidence in logistics and fulfillment for distributors, resellers, and end customers.

Using Ingram Micro APIs

Follow this general process to begin using the Ingram Micro APIs: 

  1. Request an Ingram Business Contact Email

  2. Sign up for a developer account. Use the signup button at the top of the page to start this process. This process authorizes your existing Ingram Micro vendor number for API channel access. 

    Sign up for a developer account


  3. Use the sandbox environment to learn and develop.

    my apps sandbox environment image

    Your developer account includes access to a sandbox environment which includes test data (Test Orders). Use this test data to learn about for the purpose of developing your application(s) with Ingram Micro’s APIs. Click the name of your app to view the client keys and additional sandbox information.


  4. Register your app. 


     Register your app image

    When you are ready to use your new app in our production environment, you must specify which of the APIs your application requires for access. You should include a short description of the application and its purpose. For planning purposes, please include a high-level estimate of projected usage volume. The approval process typically takes about two (2) business days. An Ingram Micro associate may reach out to you for more information as part of this process.


  5. Access the production system.


    Production App


    Once your new application has been approved, a set of API keys will be deposited in your developer account. You will use these in your application to connect your application to our production systems. You are now ready to go. Be sure to monitor performance, as apps that engage in abusive behavior may have their credentials automatically revoked.



To begin configuring and using Ingram Micro APIs, ensure you have the following:

  • An active Ingram Micro vendor number in good standing if available
  • Ingram Business Contact Email 
  • Look for any existing EDI relationships with Ingram. If there are existing EDI relationships, please make note of the transactions

Summary of Available APIs

Ingram Micro provides the following APIs:

Purchase Order Create Webhook v1

A standardized real-time purchase order http push notification to Vendors via callback URL trigged when a new purchase order is created by Ingram Micro.

Purchase Order Response API v1

Response API called by Vendor to acknowledge a purchase order http push notification was received via the Purchase Order Create Webhook.

Purchase Order Status API v1

The PO Status endpoint combines the order status updates and an advanced shipment notification during the fulfillment process to provide accurate and timely delivery ETAs.



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