Request Object

Each request to the Ingram Micro APIs MUST have the following headers:

  Authorization: Bearer {access-token}
  IM-CorrelationID: fbac82ba-cf0a-4bcf-fc03-0c508457f219-bw0a102j

Request Methods

Each resource must support at least one method. Some may support more than one.

  • GET - request data for a resource(s)
  • POST - request data OR create a resource(s)
  • PUT - request to update a resource
  • DELETE - request to delete a resource(s)

IMPORTANT: All POST and PUT calls will require JSON body as a payload. For endpoint specific examples, check out API Documentation. The partner id provided in the call must match the registered partner id. You will receive following error if the numbers do not match.

      "faultcode": "Server",
      "faultstring": "Invalid partner id. The partner id provided on the API call does not match the registered partner id."

Response Object

The below Header will always be:


Each response that returns from API will have the following top-level HTTP status code to indicate the nature of the response refer to HTTP Codes for full list of HTTP codes.


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