• Enhanced APIs - Dec 2022

    In an effort to further enhance our API offerings through a best-in-class global partner solution of our RESTful APIs we have made updates to our V6 portfolio. As we improve the interface that allows for business processes and system integration with our partners.


    Invoice Management V6 


    Roll out of two new APIs - Invoice Search and Invoice Details


    These APIs provide real time information of invoices and view invoice (invoice details) information is available for orders placed in the last 2 years, by providing an Invoice number. Updates as listed below made made in the response schema

        • Information on fees charged at Line level and in totals 

        • Updated detailed payment information like 'payment type', 'description', 'terms information', 'foreign totals'

        • Added Ship from address and end user addresses 

        • Added Order related information like carrier details and serial numbers 

        • Removed Invoice statuses at header updated to the following – 

            • Open – Invoice generated and due date for payment is Paid 

            • Overdue – Unpaid invoices past their due date 

            • Partially paid


    New version of Order Details API (v6.1)


    High level Synopsis


        • Service contracts, subscriptions and licenses information added

        • 'Estimated ship’, ‘Estimated delivery’ and ‘Delivered’ dates retrieved directly from vendors for Directship orders


    Changes are made in the response schema, please refer documentation page for more details on this


    A new API Catalog Request is not required for orderDetails V6.1, anyone registered for orderDetails V6.0 will automatically have access to orderDetails V6.1. However new request needs to be raised from apps section of the developer portal and approved for using Invoice Management V6 API.


    We invite you to explore all the new features available through V6 on our Developer Portal. As you consider upgrading to the latest version please note that support and bug fixes for V5 will continue for until May of 2024. All feature enhancements will be incorporated in V6 from here on out and V5 will be deprecated after the end of its support in May of 2024.


    Please look for future announcements about upcoming releases in 2023 !!.