Ingram Micro offers webhooks as a method to send notifications to Resellers and Vendors when new information is available for their consumption:

  • Webhooks allow you to configure automatic notifications to your app/internal system when there is a change in order status or a new purchase order has been generated for the Vendors and pushes notifications as HTTP posts to your pre-defined callback URL.
  • Webhooks are simpler than API solutions — there is no need for your app to send traditional API requests to obtain information.

This diagram illustrates the basic difference between Ingram Micro APIs and webhooks:


Webhook Introduction



Why use Ingram Micro webhooks?

  • Ingram Micro webhooks are easier and quicker to configure than APIs.
  • Track events in the logs available for each webhook you create.
  • Resellers gain easy access to order status with the following options:
    • Order placed on hold
    • Order invoiced
    • Order shipped
    • Order voided
  • Resellers get up to date stock availability delta changes every 15min by subscribing to our Stock Availability Webhook. 
  • Vendors can receive Purchase Order notifications in a standard schema directly to their webhook / callback URL.
  • You can support multiple notification types with a single webhook or configure one webhook per each notification type. Additional configuration options are available.

To learn more about creating webhooks, use our latest “how-to” instructions below.



How To: Configure Webhooks

How To: Use Webhook Secret Key

Available Webhooks

Order Status Webhook

Quote Create Webhook

Stock Update Webhook