Request Object

Each request to the Ingram Micro APIs MUST have the following headers:

Authorization: Bearer {access-token}

Request Methods

Each resource must support at least one method. Some may support more than one.

  • GET - request data for a resource(s)
  • POST - request data OR create a resource(s)
  • PUT - request to update a resource
  • DELETE - request to delete a resource(s)


IMPORTANT: All POST and PUT calls will require "requestpreamble" object in the payload. For endpoint specific examples, check out API Documentation.

"isocountrycode={your 2 chars country code},
"customernumber={your Ingram Micro customer number}",


IMPORTANT: The customer number provided in the call must match the registered customer number. You will receive following error if the numbers do not match.

  "faultcode": "Server",
  "faultstring": "Invalid customer number. The customer number provided on the API call does not match the registered customer number."

Response Object

The Content-Type Header will always be:



Each response that return Body content will have the following top-level object:


serviceresponse, responsepreamble

"responsestatus": "SUCCESS",
"statuscode": "200",
"responsemessage": "Data Found",


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